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Ürünler | Drewbrom™

Drewbrom™ microbiological control additives

Drewbrom microbiological control additives include oxidative products that effectively control bacteria, fungi and algae in industrial open re-circulating, once-through and closed loop cooling water systems. The Drewbrom product line includes a single-component, ready-to-feed, liquid bromine biocide composed of stabilized bromine chloride as well as a precursor product composed of an aqueous solution of sodium bromide. 
The single-component product provides the effectiveness and benefits of a bromine biocide without the use of sodium hypochlorite and the associated equipment. The bromide-based precursor product, when mixed with a concentrated aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite or chlorine, forms hypobromous acid, a powerful broad-spectrum oxidizing agent. Both products provide superior microbiological control.
Recommendation for the appropriate Drewbrom product and the corresponding application method will depend upon a number of factors, including the nature and extent of microbiological contamination, the type and volume of the system being treated, the degree of control desired and system retention time. SOLENIS utilizes state-of-the-art microbiological and chemical analysis to ensure that the correct product and application method are employed.

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