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Ürünler | AmeROyal

AmeROyal™ antiscalants
AmeROyal antiscalants comprise a family of products that effectively control scale in reverse osmosis (RO) systems. RO membranes are inherently prone to the deposition of various types of scales that can reduce the filtration efficiency of the membranes and lead to costly failures and/or downtime for offline cleaning. AmeROyal antiscalants are fed to the RO feed water and react with the constituents in the water to prevent scaling of the membranes. AmeROyal antiscalants are available in a variety of formulations to address specific types of scales and membranes. Some formulations are approved for potable water use and others are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. To meet certain discharge guidelines, several phosphorus-free formulations are also offered. SOLENIS applications engineers will utilize their expertise and proprietary software to create a custom treatment program that will help prevent scaling in your system and maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your valuable RO membranes.

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