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Ürünler | Sonoxide™Protecsol™ FBX

Sonoxide™ ultrasonic water treatment system

Effective microbiological control is a critical component of any cooling water system. Uncontrolled microbiological growth can lead to a number of problems, including reduced operating efficiency, high maintenance costs and system downtime. 
SOLENIS’s Sonoxide ultrasonic water treatment system is a revolutionary, mechanical alternative to conventional microbiological control treatments for effectively control of bacteria, algae and biofilm in cooling water systems. 
The patented system utilizes ultrasonic energy generated at low power and at high frequency to destroy or severely impair bacteria in the water, thereby preventing the bacteria from producing biofilm-forming polymeric material. Inhibiting biofilm formation improves system cleanliness and results in improved heat transfer efficiency and reduced energy costs.
Unlike conventional microbiological control treatments, the Sonoxide system reduces or eliminates the use of chemical biocides, biocide storage and handling costs, as well as reducing the potential for corrosion.
The Sonoxide system is widely available and is used in more than 600 applications worldwide.

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