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Ürünler | Enviroplus™

Enviroplus™ advanced cooling water treatments

Enviroplus advanced cooling water treatments allow industrial and commercial operations with cooling water systems to protect their plant assets and meet ever-changing regulatory requirements through the use of environmentally-responsible chemistries. 
The Enviroplus family includes a series of multi-functional products formulated with novel blends of organic chemistries. These unique, patented blends contain significantly lower levels of phosphorus than conventional inorganic and organic products. Enviroplus products have minimal impact on the environment due to their favorable toxicity profiles and inherent biodegradability, making them excellent alternatives to conventional products. 
Enviroplus advanced cooling water treatments significantly reduce corrosion and scaling in industrial and commercial alkaline cooling water systems, even in severely stressed systems. A combination of anodic and cathodic corrosion inhibitors forms a robust film on metal surfaces that provides excellent corrosion protection without pH control. In addition, a synergistic combination of polymeric dispersants and oxidant-resistant organic phosphonates provides excellent control of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate scales. 
All products in the series are calcium tolerant and will not precipitate at high calcium levels.

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