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Ürünler | Amersite™

Amersite™ corrosion inhibitors
Amersite corrosion inhibitors comprise a range of easy-to-use, liquid products that effectively control oxygen-induced corrosion in steam generating systems.
The Amersite family of corrosion inhibitors includes optimum combinations of either non-volatile or volatile oxygen scavengers and metal passivators to address a wide variety of boiler operating conditions.
Amersite products react with and remove trace amounts of dissolved oxygen gas, protecting the entire system from corrosion and passivate metal surfaces, forming protective layers that are corrosion resistant.
A variety of formulations are available for a wide range of operating conditions. Specific blends are also available to accommodate requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Department of Agriculture.
Amertrol HPD boiler water dispersants represent a major breakthrough in iron deposition control for high-pressure boilers and remain unmatched in their efficacy.
Deposit control in boilers is critical to the reliable, economical operation of the powerhouse. Waterside deposition impacts heat transfer efficiency and can lead to overheat or corrosion failures. Deposits cause the tube metal temperature to increase, which can lead to metal deformation and ultimately overheat failure. When deposits are present in the boiler, under-deposit corrosion can occur, which also leads to failure of the boiler metal.
Polymeric dispersants have long been used for boiler deposition control. However, most conventional iron dispersants lose their efficacy as boiler pressure increases. The limited efficacy of these dispersants under higher-pressure boiler conditions led to the development of Amertrol HPD boiler water dispersants, which are specifically designed to remain stable and disperse iron under high-pressure boiler conditions.
Amertrol HPD boiler water dispersants maximize boiler reliability by providing superior iron transport as compared to conventional polymer dispersants.

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