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Ürünler | Drewclean™

Drewclean™ cleaners

During normal operation, reverse osmosis (RO) membranes have the tendency to become fouled by the contaminants they are designed to remove. The accumulation of these materials can result in a severe loss of performance and, eventually, irreversible damage. Maintaining the integrity of RO membranes requires routine maintenance.
Drewclean cleaners safely and effectively remove a variety of contaminants from RO membranes. These contaminants include mineral scales such as calcium carbonates, phosphates and sulfates; hydrated oxides such as iron, copper and nickel oxides; mixed colloids such as iron, organics and silicates; organic deposits and bacterial fouling. 
For maximum performance, Drewclean cleaners are formulated in accordance with membrane manufacturers’ cleaning solution specifications and include inorganic phosphate, chelant and surfactant chemistries.

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