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Ürünler | Drewplus™

Drewplus™ defoamers

Foam can readily form in water in industrial processes and wastewater systems if surface active agents such as surfactants, proteins, cellulose derivatives, polyelectrolytes or polysaccharides are present. Entrained air, surface foam and surfactant-stabilized foam can cause numerous problems, including product quality concerns, environmental issues at outflows and pump cavitation. In addition, when foam dries without breaking down it can act as insulation, causing systems to overheat.
Drewplus defoamers are a range of proprietary products that effectively control foam and entrained air in industrial processes and wastewater systems. In addition to collapsing or breaking down existing foam, the products remain on the water’s surface to prevent the formation of future foam. 
Drewplus defoamers are the products of choice when steam contacts food and when an defoamer approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is required for food processing, adhesives, coatings, paper and board.

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