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Ürünler | Performax™

Performax™ cooling water treatment programs

Performax cooling water treatment programs effectively control calcium carbonate scale and corrosion in open recirculating cooling water systems over a wide range of operating conditions. 
Performax products function as threshold inhibitors and are formulated with a novel, patented scale inhibitor that is halogen-resistant, thermally stable and a corrosion-inhibitor. Because Performax products are not destabilized by oxidizing biocides or high temperatures, they provide superior scale control at lower feed rates. The products effectively control corrosion of mild steel, copper and copper alloys.
Performax programs utilize single-drum, multi-component products that are effective at a wide range of pH, M-alkalinity and calcium concentrations. The products are available in a wide range of formulations to provide optimum corrosion and fouling protection and are compatible with oxidizing as well as non-oxidizing biocides. 

Performax programs provide the highest level of safety and environmental acceptability as compared to other alkaline treatments.

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